20 minutes | Nov 9th 2020

Five Thousand Times

Tony Robbins once spoke of success in these terms:  success is not doing 5,000 things, it is doing the few right things 5,000 times. He is speaking of the power of daily habits over time. It reminds us that every decision you make is an investment in your future, IF you repeat those good decisions day after day.  There are no shortcuts to success. But it doesn't have to be momentous, expensive, grand gestures.  In fact, those represent doing a thing.  We can do better. We want to become someone better. This is found in a few daily choices, repeated five thousand times.

To help with this, here are the "5 R's" we discussed in the podcast, listed here in question form:

- Recognition - Have you identified who you want to become and what can get you there?

- Resolve - Are you emotionally invested in putting aside excuses and getting this change moving?

- Routine - What is a daily or weekly layout of actions that can incrementally move you to the person you want to become

- Repetition - Are you ready to see the power of compound interest? Don't let days pass without doing these simple things, making them habit.

- Repentance - You will suffer setbacks, we all do.  Are you ready to apologize to yourself, to God, to others, and then get up the next morning and get back to it?

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