20 minutes | Dec 14th 2020

Emptying The Cup

O Fill My Cup, and let it overflow. Let it overflow with Love!

Next week, we will talk about how God will fill our vessel with His power. But first, we need to make sure the inside of the cup is clean.  If I have my own self-will is in the center of my heart, and God has to fit around that, He cannot fill me as I ought to be.  

Like the snowman in the coffee mug, it shows up where there should be more coffee. In the same way, I show up, my carnal desires, when it should just be more of God!  So let's prepare ourselves for God. Let's talk about things that need to be removed to give Him rule in us.

- How are we vessels for God?

- Can we be filled with God and His Spirit?

- Why is it important we empty ourselves out first?

- What are three particular things that must be removed?

- What can God do with you if you empty yourself for Him?

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