20 minutes | Dec 28th 2020

Answer The Door

How many of us were raised in churches where nearly zero priority was given to the poor? I understand the importance of using the treasury for authorized things, but what about Christians using their own money and time to help the poor in the community?  I confess, I was not raised with much of that, nor was it present in the early years of my preaching.  

We. Can. Do. Better. In fact, as you'll hear more in next week's episode "The Math Problem," we must. And just as importantly, God is putting people in our lives, strangers, who need our help.  It becomes easy to write them off as insignificant or deceptive, but so many times they most certainly are not. 

I want to tell you a story today.  I want you to hear about Lorenzo and Heather. May it have the kind of affect on you, and your local church, that it has had on me and my friends in Christ.

- Is it important for Christians to help the poor in the world?

- Should preachers "Answer The Door" when people come by looking for help?

- How can an altered "church culture" be the be the key to better things?

- Does it sometimes take money and time investments to open the door to the Gospel?

- Are you ready to renovate your saving and giving to be more hospitable in 2021? 

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