20 minutes | Nov 2nd 2020

A Rising Tide

The Excel Still More podcast is heavily invested in self improvement. We want these episodes to help you be disciplined, make great decisions, and reap incredible benefit.  But let's be clear, none of this works if I am only concerned with myself and my growth.  A much more rewarding goal is to help others around you grow.  What if you could make changes that are designed to create an environment for change? As a result, not only do you grow, but you make it possible from every member of you family to grow with you?  

- How does the rising tide life all boats?

- Should you focus more on that tide or on your own boat?

- What happens when people invest in environments that are better for all?

- Why is focus on just myself a big miss when it comes to Christianity?

- How can you make change possible for your family, your church, your friends, along with yourself?

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