12 minutes | Sep 27, 2021

83. A WIN Acronym to Win consistently, ft. Dr. Eddie O'Connor - QBIO #20

Winning produces probably the most thrilling and desired feelings 🔥 to have in Sports.  On this (not so) ‘Quick Bring it On’ Episode, I provide a little important tweak you can take with you around the word “WIN” .  This one is for a deeper focus on the present moment during practice or competition (and to what the game asks from you), and a not so deep fusion with your emotionality and thinking sides that are creeping in there and becoming unhelpful.   ( Essential Interview Mentioned is on EWS Episode #77 ) _____ -- Tell us your thoughts / questions by audio - quick and anonymously if wanted ;)  -- We give you tips, can we get some TIPS from you?   -- We appreciate your feedback: By leaving a Review for EWS HERE, you are automatically helping athletes/youngsters in need (see website) Support us!
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