16 minutes | Mar 15, 2021

66. On Failure, Expectations, Mindset, Interventions, @Sport Psychology Hour - PotW #14

Listen in for an Overview ⚗️ of a big reference on Podcasts on this realm of Sport Psychology. The Sport Psychology Hour hosted by Dr. Andrew Jacobs, who has +40 years of experience working on the field as a Psychologist.  I mention a talk he had there recently with Amanda Clements, about Failure and Expectations.  Alongside this all, I made some important notes for any Athlete, Coach, or Parents to have in consideration regarding the work of a Psychologist, especially regarding strategies proposed and interventions. ___ - About Dr. Andrew  +  His Website&Podcast _____ -- We appreciate your feedback: By leaving a Review for EWS HERE, you are automatically helping athletes/youngsters in need (see website) -- Learn More -- Tell us your thoughts / questions by audio - quick and anonymously if wanted 😉 -- We give you tips, can we get some TIPS from you?  Support us!
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