44 minutes | Nov 30th 2020

The Sazmining Podcast | Everything Crypto Mining - Scott Handcock

In an interview recently with Sazmining’s William Szamosszegi, host of the Sazmining Podcast and CEO of Sazmining, William asked BitRiver Mining Chief Business Development Officer, Scott Hancock, about cryptocurrency mining and future technologies. Scott shared some compelling ideas about where he sees the future of crypto-mining.    To hear this directly from Scott, along with a broader exploration of the crypto-mining and hosting industry, check out Scott’s episode of The Sazmining Podcast here.   In this episode, you’ll hear Scott and William discuss:   Bit River’s hosting works Scott’s Mining and Hosting view  Outlooks on the future of the crypto mining industry AI Technologies  The future of the food service industry  Viewpoints on capital allocation into mining between now and the next halving.  Get to know more about Scott --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sazmining/support
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