49 minutes | Nov 12th 2020

The Sazmining Podcast | Everything Crypto Mining - Lea Thompson

In this week's episode of the Sazmining Podcast, we sat down with the founder of Girl Gone Crypto, Lea Thompson for a discussion on social media platforms and the world cryptocurrency. Her unique perspective as a content creator for both “ nerds and normies” helps her to see the future of mass adoption and how the crypto space will evolve in the future. In this episode, you’ll hear Lea and William discuss: How Lea started her journey in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry What mass adoption of blockchain and crypto could look like in the future Interesting upcoming crypto projects, ledgers, and platforms Advice for individuals wanting to get started with, and the future of content creation How to use social media platforms such as Twitter, Linkedin,Instagram, and TikTok to grow your business One of the biggest myths about blockchain The benefits of Bitcoin Our favorite Crypto conferences Book recommendations --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sazmining/support
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