35 minutes | Dec 30, 2013

ER002 | Katie Foster: Runs for Cookies

Katie Foster is Michigan mother of two who lost over 125 pounds through diet and exercise and in the process has developed a love for running. Her journey to running came from being overweight her entire life starting in childhood despite trying many diets and yet continued to gain weight into adulthood. In August 2009, she said enough and by the end of 2010 she was 125 pounds lighter and has maintained a healthy active lifestyle since that time. Running has taken her many places including appearances on the Dr. Oz show, the Today Show, becoming a running coach herself guiding others to the success she currently enjoys and being featured in a documentary that is to be released later this year. She's also discovered that running allows her to still eat and enjoy many of the foods she loves including ice cream and cookies which is why she has given her fitness blog an appropriate title of "Runs for Cookies." In this episode, Katie and I chat about: How she got started in running How her perception of what a runner was held her back at first The progression from her first 5K through the marathon and a Ragnar Relay How assembling a Ragnar Relay team led to putting together a documentary The biggest challenge she has had to overcome and what she learned from it How she handles occasional knee pain Thoughts on joining or organizing a Ragnar Relay team What it is like to run a Ragnar Relay Her best advice based on her experiences Ask The Coach A listener question on how to prevent heel striking is answered. Links Mentioned in the Show runsforcookies.com - Katie's Blog ragnarrelay.com - Ragnar Relay From Fat to Finish Line - Upcoming documentary Katie is featured in Right Form Running - Runner Academy Running Form Instruction
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