61 minutes | Nov 19th 2020

57. Testimony Sparks Transformation after Loss of Beloved Pet

Kristin's life changed completely after she was led to dive into the Bible for the first time.  Grieving the loss of her beloved dog and best friend Jellybean (14 years), she listened to a testimony that pointed her to the book of Revelation.  Intrigued, she continued to read and she found a new relationship with the Lord that would fill her with peace and comfort white grieving the loss of her pet, and would set her life on a completely new trajectory!   In this episode Kristin shares how reading the Word equipped her to hear God's voice, how she knows her pet is in Heaven, how she overcame a demonic attack, embarking on her dream as an author, and the clear message from God that she wants to share with viewers who may need help finding their path forward.  
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