55 minutes | Nov 4th 2020

56. My Name is Not Jane Doe

She was abducted, raped, beaten and left for dead on an abandoned Boston street on her 26th birthday.  In the aftermath of this unimaginable event, Laura felt God's very tangible presence for the first time.  The fact that she was found and resuscitated, the supernatural experience that occurred with her mother as Laura emerged from coma, the miraculous restoration of Laura's cognitive function, the orchestration of people that have come into Laura's life, the divinely created poetry and literature, the way God redeemed the exact date of her trauma, and the thousands of people that Laura and Tom have inspired is truly amazing!  Today Laura and Tom are accomplished authors and motivational speakers.  Laura has published over 6,000 poems!  She was a finalist in WWLP Channel 22's Remarkable Women Contest in March 2020.  She loves spreading her message of hope and God's  love.   Books and poetry from Laura and Tom: civinmediarelations.com   How to reach Laura and Tom on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inspiredpoetryoflaurachagnon   How to contact Julie:  everydaymiraclespodcast@gmail.com
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