46 minutes | May 3rd 2017

65: From losing her identity to finding her strengths, with Alissa Daire Nelson.

About Alissa:

Alissa is a dynamic and inspiring speaker, success coach, and podcast host of the StrengthsFinder-based podcast, Maximize Your Strengths. She helps entrepreneurs and small business owners catapult their businesses without sacrificing their sanity, integrity, or personal lives. Alissa guides her clients identify and live out their Strengths, and crush their goals.

Alissa talks about: Living in Minnesota and how it was growing up in a family of 7 kids, The joy of gymnastics Mary Lou Retton winning the Olympics and how she inspired Alissa, How she started to work at the age of 11 to pay for her gymnastic training, Quitting gymnastics due to an injury, Hitting a low point in her life and how it turned her life around to self-discovery, Working with Strengths Finder Nero-linguistic programming, (NLP),