42 minutes | May 28th 2018

The power of joy, creativity and healing through movement with Tatiana Zamir

“The more that I show up for myself and therefore am able to show up for others, it just, gets me into my purpose, and why I’m here. I think that when we do that, we’re able to feel more joy, and when we feel more joy, we’re able to reap the benefits of that joy. And when we’re in our happiness and our joy, we’re able to just think more clearly, and we’re more inspired, and we’re more open to the possibilities of life and recreating ourselves…
I feel like I’ve opened this door of limitless possibility, that I went from someone that was like, yeah I like to dance, yeah I like healing, and, sometimes I do it, but I’ll also settle for working as an assistant at this architecture firm… doing these things that are kinda wasting my time in a way because I kept myself limited. Joy opened this pathway and now I’m overwhelmed with my dreams, I’m overwhelmed with possibility….”
Tatiana Zamir is a choreographer, dance instructor, performing artist and holistic healer. Tatiana earned her BFA at UCLA in the World Arts & Cultures Department with an emphasis on dance. She continued her studies in holistic body therapy at the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing, also in California, where she honed her skills in the healing arts and integrative approaches to wellness. A unique, movement therapy-based practice for healing and upliftment evolved naturally.
Groups and individuals in the US, Southeast Asia and Southern Africa have benefitted from Tatiana’s Radiant Healing Breakthrough Workshops — which teach use of the body as a vehicle in overcoming challenges and achieving one’s highest destiny. From these workshops to her inclusive Afro Hip-Hop dance classes and performance art pieces Tatiana proves herself to be a compassionate, outside-the-box creator of dynamic, expansive, empowering and joyful experiences that catalyze transformation. To learn more or engage with Tatiana and her community, check out her website TatianaZamir.com or follow her on Instagram at @TatianaZamir.