55 minutes | Jun 2, 2021

I don’t feel comfortable calling the cops

This episode of the Everyday Black Men podcast we are joined by The Libertarian formerly known as Black (LFKAB). We start this episode off with LFKAB saying that qualified immunity has to go while DJ ALL MIGHT dreams of a black version of Man in the High Castle. Riker and Reed go back and forth on the case of Ma’Khia Bryan before DJ ALL MIGHT utters the titular phrase. We move to entertainment and Armstead makes an impassioned case for why he likes the older Mortal Kombat stunts while LFKAB tries to question what movie he was watching. We end the podcast Riker making a case for how we can get black-owned hair stores in our community, LFKAB gets schooled on how we don’t just give people money for making the right choice and much more before we draw to a close.
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