40 minutes | Oct 23, 2018

ES042 Do Synthesizers Belong in the Pit w/ Prof David Smith

ES042 Orchestra Enhancement in the Pit w/ Prof David Smith  Professor of Music Technology Technologist and business owner Realtime Music Solutions RMS.biz And a musician, started as a vioilnist, then composer Dean, School of Professional Studies at NYC College of Technology David is inspiring right from the start, sharing how motivating his music teacher from his youth was and how it changed his life. Then we go into Moogs and synthesizers in the ‘70s, and finally we land on what a gift his business project is to singers; Realtime Music Solutions. Every Sing is supported by donations through my patreon site - www.patreon.com/everysing.  It is also financed through sales of my books, Singing 101: Vocal Basics and The Teen Girl’s Singing Guide, both available on Amazon. I hope if you are enjoying this show you will help support its continuation through patreon or one of the books.  David has composed incidental/underscoring music for around 150 plays, including the Cincinnati Playhouse’s Christmas Carol which has been playing for decades.  He is a classical symphonic violinist, including playing in the Wolftrap Academy Orchestra. Got exposed to the Moog Series 3 synthesizer in 1973.  From then was always working within the context of an electronic music studio. His Doctorate is in Composition and Electronic Music.  Was responsible for creating the sounds of avant-garde plays in the 80’s.  David’s specialty is integration of technology into an existing paradigm (19th century symphony), which requires: Tempo flexibility Dynamic adjustment Constrain pitches to those in the score This means that someone must be playing the virtual orchestra, the enhancement system, so that it is active and flexible. David explores the limits of Human/Machine Integration and Limitations. His company does several thousand shows a year, mostly in the amateur market, but also in the professional market.  "The fact is we were coming up with solutions. We would hear, "This is putting people out of jobs," but the fact is if they hadn’t used it, they would have put 300 people out of work.” RMS.biz - Realtime Music Solutions
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