46 minutes | Oct 16, 2018

ES041 Hearts Need Art w/ Constanza Roeder

"Cancer does everything it can to steal, kill and destroy our joy. And we need more reasons to get out of our rooms and out of our isolation. We need more art and music. We need to remember the reasons why we are alive as much as we need the things that are keeping us alive." This is one of the big motivating factors that drives Constanza Roeder to bring art to oncology patients in hospitals. Along with her team at Hearts Need Art, she strives to meet people with a Ministry of Presence, touching peoples hearts and helping them find the will to go on. "We don't have an agenda, we aren't going in to engage people on their brokenness, but on the level of our shared humanity." On Nov 16, 2018, in San Antonio, Night of a Thousand Hearts will be a celebration of Hearts Need Art's first 2 years. We can all participate in that night by being a sponsor or buying tickets for patients to attend. Donate directly at Hearts Need Art, or better yet, join the fundraiser on the Every Sing Facebook group page. Facebook waives all fees, so the organization actually receives more than when donations are done directly through their site. Thank you to Ken Feisel of Ken Feisel Design for the Every Sing cover art.
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