36 minutes | Oct 2, 2020

Can Menopause Affect the Singing Voice ES056

During the menopausal transition, which can start ten years before menopause and last for several more years after, there will be times when hormones fluctuate substantially from day to day. The voice, unfortunately, can seem unreliable and unpredictable because of the hormone roller coaster. At certain phases of the hormonal journey, many women need empathy and skilled assistance. Millions of women around the world are on the same path, and we no longer need to walk that path alone. Working together gives us a better understanding of the vocal issues women might face. Cate Frazier-Neely, Joanne Bozeman, and Nancy Bos SingingThroughChange.com Purchase the book on Amazon Every Sing on Facebook Every Sing on Twitter Every Sing on YouTube Music by PepperJill and Jack Art by Ken Feisel
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