44 minutes | Nov 21, 2017

Ep. 21: Body in Culture - Kimberly Dark

Body in Culture Kimberly Dark is a writer, sociologist, and raconteur, working to reveal the hidden architecture of everyday life one clever essay, poem, and story at a time. She uses humor, surprise and intimacy to help audiences discover their influences, and reclaim their power as social creators. She teaches in the graduate program in Sociological Practice at Cal State San Marcos. Kimberly Dark has written award-winning plays, facilitated and performed for a wide range of audiences in various countries over the past two decades. Her essays appear in popular online publications such as Everyday Feminism and Ravishly.  Her poetry and prose are available in various literary and academic publications. The storytelling performances and interactive lectures make big, complex ideas relatable at campuses, conferences, companies and anywhere people seek startling revelations and positive change.  Beloved by diverse audiences, Kimberly crosses boundaries to show how we must engage all the wisdom and verve we have to create the most compassionate, fair and inclusive world we can. You will feel her passion through the mic and this episode incorporates her storytelling and my interview with her. She is currently touring with her show, “Thing I learned from fat people on the plane”.      “We need more fat yoga teachers. And old yoga teachers, and disabled yoga teachers and anyone with a different body than you think you want. “ - Kimberly Dark   This Week on the Every Body Podcast: • Why she uses spoken word and storytelling to communicate her sociology perspective.  • A performance about  fat children and the many ways the “starve” • Healthism • Her experience of fat stigma being yoga teacher for 20 years.  Additional Resources: • Link to Kimberly Dark’s website • Here’s Looking At You: Yoga, Fat & Fitness • Another Way to Starve • Kalani Yoga Retreat  • Kiese Laymon’s website Rate & Share Thank you for joining me this week on the Every Body podcast. If you enjoyed this week’s episode, head over to iTunes , subscribe to the show and leave a review to help us grow the podcast. Don’t forget to visit our website , follow us on Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram , and share your story because this podcast is for every body.    
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