40 minutes | Nov 1, 2017

Ep. 19: Deadly Consequences of Fat Stigma at the Doctor's Office - Laura Fraser

Deadly Consequences of Fat Stigma at the Doctor's Office with Laura Fraser Science Daily reported earlier this year that in a study of over 300 autopsy reports, obese patients were 1.65 times more likely than others to have significant undiagnosed medical conditions such as endocarditis, ischemic bowel disease or lung carcinoma. This week's featured guest is Laura Fraser. Laura is a journalist and author of Losing It, an investigative piece entailing her experience going under cover to take a deeper look at how the diet industry creates and exploits our weight worries (LauraFraser.com). A reformed dieter and ex-bulimic, Laura's already impassioned work strikes a deeper chord with the passing of her sister, Jan, last year to a cancer that was ignored by doctors and misdiagnosed as mere excessive weight. Laura takes me through the history of unrealistic body expectations for women as we explore her research and the relationship between big pharmaceutical companies and the mainstream diet industry."     "I wrote that book to just drive a tank through the diet industry. Its the only industry that's built on failure."  - Laura Fraser   This Week on the Every Body Podcast: A look at Laura Fraser's early life which led to her struggle with bulimia. How her own research helped shed some light on the truth about different body types and what positive health actually means. Her findings in Losing It which debunk the myths the diet industry is trying to shove down our throats. The misuse of the BMI and how mainstream researchers manipulate its categories to propel their products. The story behind Laura's sister whose misdiagnosed cancer led to her premature death last year.    Additional Resources: Original article about Jan, Laura's sister Food for the Heart article from Eating Well Magazine Losing It in the Anti-Dieting Age NY Times article by Taffy Brodesser-Akner Laura Fraser Website   Rate & Share Thank you for joining me this week on the Every Body podcast. If you enjoyed this week’s episode, head over to iTunes , subscribe to the show and leave a review to help us grow the podcast. Don’t forget to visit our website , follow us on Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram , and tell us your story because this podcast is for everybody!  
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