36 minutes | Oct 23, 2017

Ep. 18: Eating Disorder Recovery & Yoga for All - Dianne Bondy

EB018 Eating Disorder Recovery and Yoga For All with Dianne Bondy  Dianne Bondy is a yoga teacher and the founder of an online Yoga studio called Yogasteya, where she welcomes everyone. Going through her own recovery journey from eating disorder, she has now become a social justice activist and one of the leading voices promoting representation in Yoga.   Dianne joins me today to tell the story of her eating disorder and recovery.  She also shares how the distorted medical community perceived and handled her disorder a few decades ago.   We also talk about her long love of yoga and how it's help her heal her relationship to her body.     “What my yoga has taught me is my awareness of my body, my body as a vehicle of my own divinity and a way to enjoy my life.”    – Dianne Bondy     This Week on the Every Body Podcast:  How Dianne was introduced to yoga  Her relationship with her body growing up  The society’s body preference during the 70s and the 80s  What led her to develop a severe eating disorder  How the medical society ineffectively dealt with eating disorder  How she got back to yoga  What triggered her mission to create a cultural change that yoga is for ALL  Her classes for bigger bodies and bodies with different abilities  What made her visible in the online world and how it has affected society    Connect with Dianne Bondy:  Yogasteya Website  Dianne Bondy Yoga   Instagram  Facebook    Rate, Share, & Inspire Others to Love Every Body         Thank you for joining me this week on the Every Body podcast. If you enjoyed this week’s episode, head over to iTunes, subscribe to the show and leave a review to help us spread the word to Every Body!      Don’t forget to visit our website, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and join our mailing list so you never miss an episode! 
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