17 minutes | Oct 30, 2017

BONUS - Follow up with Lucy Aphramor

This episode is a follow up to Episode 14 with Lucy Aphramor. I asked if you had questions for her and some wonderful questions were posted on Instagram. Here are some of the answers. Enjoy!   Questions answered in this Bonus episode:  jilllepire Is it ever okay to try to change your physical body while being body positive? If so, how does one do that without being sucked into diet mindset? wee_foodies I’d love to hear more from her around the evidence base on the biological impact of weight stigma and ways to challenge the “tackling obesity” conversation in public health. wanderingdjinn Does Lucy have a script for confronting one's parents about the damage they've done by commenting on one's weight and appearance almost daily, starting at a very young age? I've let go of a lot of my anger towards them and I'm in a better place, but I worry that they're continuing to make weight-related comments to my much younger cousins, and will start on my nieces in a couple of years, if they haven't already. I really feel I should speak up to protect them, at the very least by no longer hiding all the self-destructive things I've done as a result of the self-loathing for which they planted the seeds. My fear, of course, is that they won't believe me, will insist they were in the right, and that I was/am just being too sensitive. fatbodypeace Will those poems in print somewhere? littletulipsco l'd like to know how Lucy thinks we can build our self compassion in really practical ways (like a list that I can follow!) And also if it's okay to want to lose weight. It feels like if you were fully accepting of your body you *shouldn't* want to change it. But I was at a kindful eating workshop with Lucy and she was all about questioning *should* self talk. Does that make sense? Thankyou!            
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