6 minutes | Sep 13th 2017

Level Up Your Service With A Quality Support Desk

Nobody likes being treated like a robot or a number in a ticket system. We all like a more personalized customer service, especially when we are buying something important. So how do you reconcile this with the need to keep things organized while managing a project and a team at the same time? Justin Meadows answers this question plus a few easy tips you can use to improve the quality of service you give your clients. That’s what we are going to discuss in today’s episode of Hassle-Free Websites. In the video: 00:44 – What design by committee is 00:42 – Why use a support desk? 01:43 – How to make the support desk experience awesome 02:15 – The advantages of using Helpscout 02:50 – Clear your inbox with a white label support desk 03:35 – Transitioning to a support desk 04:30 – Make sure to quickly respond to clients Download Support Desk PDF Training Why Use A Support Desk Managing a project can be a nightmare. Emails can get lost, giving updates to everyone involved can be a cumbersome affair what with the massive CC’ing backwards and forwards. And with all the documents and files you need to organize plus a whole team you need to manage, taking control of a project can get downright hellish. It can be easier though if you use a support desk. Keeps all communication in one place A support desk allows you to keep all communications in one place. All your team members can see the thread of the conversation so they stay informed without you having to email them or conduct meetings each time there’s a new update. Someone can take over for you You don’t have to worry about the project if you get sick or if one of your team members goes on leave. Someone else can step in and take over the project exactly where it is left off. There’s no need to explain where the project is at. With a support desk, everything is documented and can be reviewed at anytime. Streamlines work more efficiently A support desk allows you to keep information organized and centralized. Manual processes are eliminated and workflow becomes more streamlined. This way, your life becomes easier and you get to be more productive with your time. Making Support Desk Experience Awesome Now that we’ve established the benefits of using a support desk, let’s talk about how you can even make it more awesome for your clients. You’re human. Talk like one. The first thing you have to keep in mind is this: don’t be a robot. When responding to clients, you need to sound like a real person. Be friendly and relaxed. Otherwise, you won’t sound human. And nobody likes doing business with a machine. Avoid using canned responses and ticket numbers. Use Helpscout Helpscout is a great tool to use to achieve this personalized approach in handling support desk. While it helps keep things organized by allowing you to merge several different emails from clients in one thread and other basic things you need, it also creates a more personalized email for customers. This way, your customers won’t feel they are just a number. Helpscout keeps things simple and systematic without compromising that personal touch clients are looking for. Be Real. Don’t Be A Robot.Click To Tweet Clear Your Inbox With A White Label Support Desk But the easiest way to manage the projects and ongoing support you are handling is to use a white label support desk. How does a white label support desk work? It’s like this: When your clients email support at your domain, the emails go through our support desk. We can then reply to them directly. Because we’ll be acting as your support team, you won’t have to worry about every little detail of every little thing—we’ll be taking care of all of them for you. In fact, we make sure each email is responded to within one hour. Clients don’t like to wait, so we make sure they get a response even if it’s simply to acknowledge that we have received their email and that we’ll get back to them shortly. We check each ticket and sort out the ones that are urgent. Of course, we will let you know about the things that require your attention. But overall, a white label support desk frees up your time so you can focus more on your business and other things that matter to you. Use a white label support desk to clear your inbox.Click To Tweet Other Practical Tips Ideally, it’s best to use a support desk in a project as early as possible. Reply to clients from the support desk instead of using your personal email. You can do this by first forwarding their email to support and then replying to them from there. Aside from a smooth transition, you will also be able to save a lot more information about the project because you have used support desk since the initial contact with the client. If you’re in the middle of a project and want to move clients to a support desk email, encourage them by explaining how the switch can be beneficial for both of you. Make sure they get a quick response when they do email you that way.     Maintain a fast response on the support desk.Click To Tweet Liking the show? Subscribe on YouTube Or iTunes Or Stitcher In Other News: The post Level Up Your Service With A Quality Support Desk appeared first on Evergreen Profit - Whitelabel Wordpress.
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