7 minutes | Aug 15th 2017

How To Deliver An Awesome Customer Experience

Referral business is gold. It is the easiest and cheapest way to grow your website design business. In today’s episode, Justin Meadows explains how you can engineer your customer experience to surprise and delight your customers to build a steady flow of referral and repeat business. In the video: 00:40 – What makes customer experience so important 01:13 – Referral Business is gold! 02:10 – How to provide the awesome experience 03:41 – Map out the process 04:28 – Build Buffers into your timeline 04:49 – Design the process to delight 05:20 – Add extra value to your service 05:38 – Celebrate success with the client 05:49 – Follow up after the project Download PDF Transcription 1. Keep in touch with your client throughout the project Communication is crucial in business. When a client pays the deposit, it’s important they hear from you, they know what’s going to happen and when things will happen. This way, they won’t be left in the dark, wondering what’s going on. Engineer your service to surprise and delight.Click To Tweet Regularly keeping in touch prevents them from feeling anxious about their marketing investment. So guide them through, be their Yoda and trusted adviser. Be friendly and reassuring. The golden rule is to not wait for them to ask for updates; give it to them without being asked. 2. Create a realistic timeline to deliver (plus some padding time) The next step is to deliver the site and to deliver it on time. To create a realistic timeline, visualize the whole project and the process flow. Identify the key touch points of each process and think of steps (and remove unnecessary ones) that will improve it. Map it all out on a whiteboard. Then, use your project management software or calendar to set triggers or reminders for each of the steps. This will serve as your guide as to what and when things will take place. Most importantly, build buffers into your timeline. As James Schramko explained to me, you can either design your process to delight or to disappoint. For example, the developer tells you he can finish a particular job in two weeks, tell your client it will be finished in 17-19 days instead. Build buffers into your timeline.Click To Tweet This way, if something goes wrong, you won’t disappoint your client with a delayed delivery—you’ll still be on time. BUT, if everything goes as planned, then you’ll surprise and delight your client by delivering earlier than expected. Design to delight, not disappoint. 3. Provide extra value to your service If you want to build brand awareness and loyalty, give a little extra value to your service. It doesn’t have to be something big. It could be a printable PDF of a free source or a free guide which they might find useful. The purpose is to give your clients something they weren’t expecting and that they find valuable. The result is repeat customer, loyalty, and word-of-mouth referrals When your client is happy with his experience in buying a website from you, two things happen: 1. The next time they need help with their website, they will surely come back to you. That is customer loyalty in the making. 2. They will likely tell their friends and the people they know in their business network how awesome you are and will send more clients your way. Referral business is gold!Click To Tweet Before you know it, your reputation and market base will slowly grow. What’s more, referred and repeat customers are the best kinds of clients to have because they already know you are credible and can be trusted in delivering an amazing job. It will also make the price of your service less significant because they know they will get more value for their money. Zendesk highlight the importance of customer buying experience here. Find out more about how to sell awesome websites in this article. Liking the show? Subscribe on YouTube Or iTunes Or Stitcher In Other News: The post How To Deliver An Awesome Customer Experience appeared first on Evergreen Profit - Whitelabel Wordpress.
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