97 minutes | Sep 29th 2020

Ep 210, Stefanie Davis & Daryen Ratte

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Stefanie Davis is a Film Director/Producer and one of the owners of Bouncy Boxer Media. Stefanie's latest film The Christmas Ride which stars Daryen Ratte is schedule for release on November 1st.

Zachary Vazquez gofundme

Zach was in a head on Collision In Smyrna Beach Florida and the driver who hit him was fatally injured. Zach survived but is in serious condition and in the ICU. Zachary has suffered a broken leg, foot, arm. Broke three of his teeth and cracked his ribs!! Zach is not able to talk and only allowed visitors from his wife and his brother.

Zach is a working Actor and model and makes his living this way. He has a long road ahead of him and will need time to heal and get back on his feet and will need help with His medical bills. Zach was recently married to a beautiful young lady with a little boy. This wonderful Family needs help. I would apprentice any money you can give to help our dear friend ZACHERY VAZQUES.

Thank you in advance. Please Pray for a quick recovery and for his family through this tragedy.


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