48 minutes | Mar 8th 2018

082: The Healing Power of Salt Caves with Janine Narayadu

My guest today owns a business that I refer to as “My Happy Place.”  Her name is Janine Narayadu and her business is The Bethesda Salt Cave. In addition to housing a relaxing and healing salt cave, customers can benefit from massages, yoga classes, and sound bowl concerts. And…as an extra bonus…they have a unique store filled with salt lamps, jewelry, and natural products that Janine creates. In this podcast Janine shares her story of discovering salt caves and their healing properties, and how she turned a solo massage practice into a rapidly expanding business. Janine has led a unique international life. Born in South Africa, Janine became a police officer. From there she moved to Vienna, Austria and was married to a professional French horn player. It’s there that Max, her son and now business partner, was born. Janine eventually divorced and moved to the U.S. and now lives in Maryland with her husband who works for the World Bank. You might be wondering – What’s a salt cave?! Well…it’s a room that’s literally filled with salt. In the case of the Bethesda Salt Cave, there are 30 tons of Himalayan salt on the walls, and 6.5 tons on the floor, and salt is pumped into the air with a Halo Generator. Think about walking on a sandy beach, but instead, you’re walking on grains of salt. You relax in an anti-gravity chair, listening to soothing spa music and just breathe! The salty environment is healing and relaxing. Find out more about the Bethesda Salt Cave at bethesdasaltcave.com.   Do you ever feel like you need a little guidance in your career or personal life? As a life coach, I am here to assist you in making and meeting the goals you have set for yourself on both business and personal levels. To get more information, email me at lisa@everbetteru.com or click here.
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