32 minutes | Jan 30th 2018

081: Making Life Changes Step-by-Step with Margaret Ruff

Margaret Ruff is an educator at heart and lifelong learner who coaches executives and school administrators using the Immunity to Change model. During this podcast we talk about Margaret's career transitions, drawing on multiple intelligences, and how children and adults are similar. Margaret says: "I believe success is the ability to change when change is needed; to be flexible and adaptable through change; to be yourself when your ideas are questioned; to not create excuses that keep you in the same rut day after day; and to keep it fresh and fun by being in focus through the process on your way to your desired result." Show Notes: Margaret followed her passion for music before becoming a teacher (3:01) Deciding to be a teacher (4:13) Realizing finance wasn't the right career choice and making a change  (6:50) The conflict and interactions between parents and teachers (9:00) Becoming assistant principal and the challenges of transitioning from teaching (11:15) Motherhood and the benefits of PTSA leadership (13:15) Going back to school for executive leadership (14:20) Becoming an executive coach (15:20) Coaching leaders (18:26) The power of internships (20:04) Looking at what people want to improve and becoming conscious of what is stopping them from change (21:25) The power of incremental change (24:48) Being comfortable with uncertainty (30:47) Why it's so difficult to change (31:26) Margaret's plans for 2018 using incremental development (35:50) Connect with Margaret http://www.margaretruff.com https://www.facebook.com/margaretruffcoach Recommended Books   
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