12 minutes | Jul 7th 2017

076: Tips and Tricks to Finally Get Started on Your Project

I asked five highly productive people the following question: "Do you have a trick for getting started on a project that you would really like to put off?" Here's a summary of the answers that I got from Deb Williams, Tim Berthold, Meg Daly, Maggie Huffman, and Dan Horowitz. Listen to the podcast for more insights! And in other Ever Better news...I'm taking a Podcast Summer Vacation! Stay subscribed and you'll be the first to get the new podcasts released in the fall. Have a great summer!    My very first podcast guest, Deb Williams from the Financial Karma Coach Podcast says she starts her day with a 30-minute walk to clear her head. When faced with a difficult task, she consciously plans something she likes to do after she finishes the tough task. And, she uses the neuroscience based music service, Focus at Will. You can listen to my Ever Better Podcast EP. 01 Financial Clarity to learn more about Deb. Host of the Miami Hustle Podcast, Tim Berthold, says a morning meditation on the beach is how he clears his mind, and he recommends reading the War of Art, by Steven Pressfield. Creator of the Miami Underline, Meg Daly, says she blocks out time in her calendar to do the task she dislikes the most, and during that time she only works on that task. She also tackles the most undesirable projects first. You can listen to my Ever Better Podcast EP. 35 Creating the Miami Underline to learn more about Meg. The author of Oh Snap! My Career is in Crisis, Maggie Huffman, uses post-its to break her tasks down into bite sized chunks, so no task seems daunting. You can listen to my Ever Better Podcast EP. 42 What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? to learn more about Maggie. LinkedIn’s Dan “The Connector” Horowitz uses the buddy system to make him accountable for accomplishing hard-to-start tasks. You can listen to my Ever Better Podcast EP. 06 Networking, Necessary Endings and Neurodiversity to learn more about Dan. If you are considering a life or job transition but are having a hard time getting started, I invite you to check out my Discover What’s Next coaching program. Allow me to help you create a more fulfilling future. Sign up for a 1-hour complimentary consultation or email me Lisa@everbetteru.com. Mentioned in This Episode: Ever Better U Discover What’s Next Coaching Lisa@EverBetterU.com @EverBetterU on Twitter PRO Career Transition Information
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