43 minutes | Jun 30th 2017

075: Faith It 'Til You Make It With Shawn Perry

"Faith it 'til you make it" sums up Shawn Perry's infectious, positive attitude. Shawn is the executive producer and host of The Senior Zone, a radio show that he started at the age of 49. Without any broadcasting or public speaking background, Shawn felt called to create a radio show and then, like most inspirational people, found a way to make his dream a reality. He’s been on the radio for five years, and thousands of listeners tune in each Monday morning to hear resources and ideas that enrich their lives. The Senior Zone has evolved in a multi-faceted business for Shawn. He puts on live events that sell out, moderates panels and conferences, and he’s a motivational speaker. After high school, Shawn joined the Air Force where he had a full career. After retiring he held several jobs after that before landing in radio. He shares the ups and downs of his life journey and says that he doesn’t mind failing as long as he’s “failing forward.” If you are considering a life or job transition but feel like you aren't making progress, check out my Discover What’s Next coaching program. Sign up for a 1-hour complimentary consultation or email me Lisa@EverBetterU.com. Key Takeaways: [4:31] Shawn attended college while in the U.S. Air Force. [9:07] There have been many people who believed in Shawn, sometimes more than he believed in himself. [12:45] The Senior Zone radio show informs seniors about resources and gets them out and about. [24:26] Shawn found himself addicted to the challenge the radio show provided him. [29:19] The Senior Zone allows Shawn to do good while building a business. [34:37] Want more information about The Senior Zone mid-day gala? [39:55] The Senior Zone is on WYCB, a Minority-owned, faith-based station, every Monday. Mentioned in This Episode: The Senior Zone Info@TheSeniorZone.com @TheSeniorZone on Twitter Ever Better U Discover What’s Next Coaching Lisa@EverBetterU.com @EverBetterU on Twitter
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