53 minutes | Apr 7th 2017

063: Lorraine Ladish: It's Never Too Late to Discover Your Passion!

Lorraine Ladish embodies the ‘Ever Better’ state of mind! She uses her bi-cultural background, experience, and energy, to inspire people to embrace age with grace and vibrancy. She’s a self-described 21st-century communicator who founded Viva Fifty Media and the Viva Fifty! online community. A sought-after writer and brand ambassador, Lorraine who has written almost 20 books, including the moving story of her life experiences, Reach: From Single Mom on Welfare to Digital Entrepreneur. During this episode, Lorraine shares the touching story of how a dance studio kept her grounded during rough times, provided her proof that kindness has no boundaries, and opened the door to an opportunity that changed her life. Lorraine’s mantra of “It’s never too late,” is a reflection of her belief in a person’s ability to accomplish anything at any age. Work with me to Discover What’s Next for you. In my one-on-one coaching program, we work together to unearth your hidden talents, uncover opportunities, and start creating a more fulfilling future.   Key Takeaways: [3:02] Lorraine has a blended family, and both she and her husband are writers. [7:46] Shortly after Lorraine published her book, I'm Pregnant! Now, What? (Estoy Embarazada, Y Ahora Que?: Confidencias Para La Nueva Madre), she moved to the U.S. from Spain. [9:36] Lorraine shares the touching story which inspired her book, Reach. [18:24] Lorraine’s love of dance offered her solace and opportunity. [21:23] Speaking four languages, Spanish, English, SEO and HTML. [26:21] You are never too old for social media. [30:03] Viva Fifty is a bilingual website for people over 50. [38:35] How Viva Fifty Media generates income for Lorraine and her family of 5. [41:52] Tips from Lorraine’s forthcoming book, Your Best Age. [46:02] Lisa created the ‘10 ways to discover your voice’ guide.   Mentioned in This Episode: Viva Fifty! Lorraine C. Ladish @vivafifty on Twitter @lorrainecladish on Twitter @lorrainecladish on Instagram Estoy Embarazada, Y Ahora Que?: Confidencias Para La Nueva Madre, by Lorraine C. Ladish REACH! From Single Mom on Welfare to Digital Entrepreneur, by Lorraine C. Ladish Your Best Age, by Lorraine C. Ladish (Forthcoming) Ever Better Discover What’s Next Coaching Contact Lisa: Lisa@EverBetterU.com @EverBetterU on Twitter  
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