12 minutes | Jan 30, 2021

09: What is the most efficient EV? Cars, e-bikes and e-scooter compared!

The EV car community loves to talk about how efficient EVs are. Of course they are much more efficient than polluting gasoline or diesel cars.But how well does a car stack up for efficiency against an e-bike or even a e-scooter?? Let's run some numbers and find out. The winner might surprise you...We compare the efficiency of different types of EV:SUV - Audi e-TronFamily hatchback - Hyundai IoniqCity car - Citroen Ami (2 seat)e-Cargo bike - Riese and Mullere-MTB mountain bike - KTMe-scooter - Xiaomi M365Website linkhttps://www.evnow.net/2021/01/what-is-the-most-efficient-ev/More show notes coming shortly....
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