78 minutes | Apr 11, 2021

Episode 194-Strixhaven, Part 1

Hell yes it's set review time. We discuss whimsy for a while and debate how combo decks work. We actually ran out of time so we'll circle back to the cards you're mad we missed next time. Here's what we got so far (time stamps approximate!): 22 Magma Opus 24 Body Of Research 25 Harness Infinity 26 Blot out the Sky 28 Silverquill Silencer 32 Blex, Vexing Pest / Search for Blex 35 Double Major 37 Flamescroll Celebrant / Revel in Silence 38 Silverquill Command 41 Valentine, Dean of the Vein 44 Venerable Warsinger 45 Decisive Denial 47 Vanishing Verse 49 Rushed Rebirth 51 Culling Ritual 52 Reduce to Memory 54 Killian, Ink Duelist 55 Sedgmoor Witch 58 Zimone, Quandrix Prodigy 1:02 Tend the Pests 1:04 Witherbloom Apprentice 1:10 Dina, Soul Steeper 1:12 The Biblioplex
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