81 minutes | May 6, 2021

Tax Changes and the Step Up In Basis: Motivating Sellers to Act Now | Changing Your Cold-Calling Mindset ep. #5

Full Show Notes: https://probatemastery.com/probate-mastery-group-training-5This is session 5 of Probate Mastery Group Coaching.  Live group coaching is free for Certified Probate Experts. Learn more about the comprehensive probate certification course at https://ProbateMastery.comTime Stamps (YouTube links):00:00​ Introductions1:23​ Where is Mastery Going From Here?7:40​ How Rosie is Living Free After One Year of Probate Real Estate Investing11:31​ | 38:20​ When is a BPO needed vs. a CMA?12:06​ Win More Deals With The Right Approach20:36​ Tax Changes and Motivating Sellers To Act Now 125:18​ Getting Out Of A Slump and Revitalizing Your Listing Pipeline29:54​ Change Your Cold-Calling Mindset39:37​ Tax Changes and Motivating Sellers To Act Now 251:16​ Financing, Lines Of Credit, and Business Structuring54:47​ Eviction Moratoriums, Mortgage Payments, and Foreclosure Chaos1:03:37​ TCPA, DNC, and Cold-Calling Probate Real Estate LeadsGroup trainings feature live questions and answers from trainer Chad Corbett, guest coaches, and certified probate experts.These calls are recorded via zoom and can be viewed in video format in Estate Professionals Mastermind community, YouTube, or in our podcast archive.Live participation is reserved for graduates of the Probate Mastery (CPE) Certification Course. To learn more, visit ProbateMastery.com
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