54 minutes | May 19, 2021

Taking Your Probate Script To The Next Level: Expert Tips For Evolving Your Real Estate Prospecting Plan | ep. #7

Full Show Notes: https://probatemastery.com/probate-mastery-group-training-7 Watch with zoom video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/1N0tpnAcE_gJoin the Facebook Community, Estate Professionals Mastermind: https://facebook.com/groups/estateprofessionalsmastermindThis is session 7 of Probate Mastery Group Coaching.  Live group coaching is free for Certified Probate Experts. Learn more about the comprehensive probate certification course at https://ProbateMastery.comTime Stamps (YouTube links):00:00 Introductions1:03  Should You Use A Real Estate Script?4:07 Optimizing Cold Calling: Contact Rates, Script Adjustments, and Team Management.12:03 Inbound Marketing: How to “Be Found” By Clients Who Want Your Real Estate Services14:37 Optimizing Your Video Content for Inbound Marketing17:26 Re-Purposing Your Video Content in an Email Marketing Drip for Lead Nurture19:35 How Email Scripts Have Worked For Rosie21:36 How Much Does A Real Estate Virtual Assistant Cost?24:19 Erik Shares Insights From His VoiceLogic Probate Prospecting Campaign27:10 How to Repurpose Written Testimonials for Video Marketing30:29 Is Email Marketing Enough?31:33 How Do You Switch Between Your Realtor and Your Investor Hat?33:14 Off-Market Deals From Probate Listings: Highly Motivated Sellers36:26 How Brokerage/Investment Transparency Wins, Everytime. 41:12 How To Balance Listings vs. Acquisitions.43:20 Asset Protection for Investment Properties: LLCs and Land TrustsGroup trainings feature live questions and answers from trainer Chad Corbett, guest coaches, and certified probate experts.These calls are recorded via zoom and can be viewed in video format in Estate Professionals Mastermind community, YouTube, or in our podcast archive.Looking for Probate Leads and Marketing Automation? https://probatemastery.com/probatesuccessLive participation is reserved for graduates of the Probate Mastery (CPE) Certification Course. To learn more, visit ProbateMastery.com 
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