49 minutes | Apr 21, 2021

Probate Mastery Group Training #1 - Certified Probate Expert Q&A

This might not seem like your typical podcast at first, but it's worth it.  We've taken away the soapbox and brought guests together for a cohort learning experience.  You will find value in these sessions if you're interested in real estate, investing, estate planning, financial independence, and scaling your business in a way that allows you to make an impact on your community at the same time.Group trainings feature live questions and answers from trainer Chad Corbett, guest coaches, and certified probate experts. These calls are recorded via zoom and can be viewed in video format in Estate Professionals Mastermind communityLive participation is reserved for graduates of the Probate Mastery (CPE) Certification Course. To learn more, visit ProbateMastery.com
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