86 minutes | May 12, 2021

“It Doesn’t Feel Like Work Anymore” | Market Sentiment and Your 10-Year Roadmap | ep. #6

Full Show Notes: https://probatemastery.com/probate-mastery-group-training-6  Join the Facebook Community, Estate Professionals Mastermind: https://facebook.com/groups/estateprofessionalsmastermind This is session 6 of Probate Mastery Group Coaching.  Live group coaching is free for Certified Probate Experts. Learn more about the comprehensive probate certification course at https://ProbateMastery.com Time Stamps (YouTube links): 00:00​ Introductions00:26​ - Handling Objections Involving Procrastination5:39​ - Winning Permission For Follow-Up Calls7:03​ - Application vs. Petition for Probate9:24​ - Improving Your USP/Voicemail Script for Cold-Calling16:31​ - Notice of Defaults (NOD) Leads vs. Expireds19:04​ - Navigating Scripts and Conversations For NOD/Pre-Foreclosure Leads31:29​ - Rosie’s Best Set Up For Real Estate Video Marketing35:37​ - Going from Student To Coach in the Real Estate Space52:19​ - Social Impact of the 1031-Exchange: Institutionalized Housing vs. Individual Homeownership.56:44​ - Scaling Beyond Production - Real Estate Notes and Syndications1:04:35​ - Building Your 10-Year Roadmap: Balancing Career and Lifestyle1:07:04​ - Recognizing and Combating the Crabs-In-A-Bucket Phenomenon1:09:17​ - Business Brokerage - Opportunity in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)1:15:53​ - Monetizing Every Deal - Breaking Down the Stigma Between Agents and Investors1:18:48​ - Depreciating Assets and Cost Segregation1:21:27​ - Niche Investment Portfolios - Class-C RV Rental MarketGroup trainings feature live questions and answers from trainer Chad Corbett, guest coaches, and certified probate experts. These calls are recorded via zoom and can be viewed in video format in Estate Professionals Mastermind community, YouTube, or in our podcast archive. Live participation is reserved for graduates of the Probate Mastery (CPE) Certification Course. To learn more, visit ProbateMastery.com 
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