57 minutes | Dec 14, 2019

EE 13: Strange Bird Immersive: A Conversation with Haley and Cameron

Listen to our review of The Man From Beyond by Strange Bird Immersive, a meticulously crafted blend of immersive theatre and escape rooms. The review is short, but trust us, any more and we’d verge on spoiling the incredible surprises this show has to offer. This experience flipped our entire view of the escape room industry upside-down, in the best way possible.The review is followed by a conversation with the creators, Cameron Cooper and Haley ER Cooper! We discuss their approach to designing an immersive theatre escape experience, what escape rooms can learn from theatre, and their plans for the future. Experience reviewed in this episode:The Man From Beyond atStrange Bird ImmersiveHaley and Cameron's FavoritesImmersive Theatre Sleep No More presented by Emursive in New York, NYThen She Fell presented by Third Rail Projects in Brooklyn, NYSweet and Lucky presented by Third Rail ProjectsHaus of Creep presented by Just Fix It Productions in Los Angeles, CAThe Johnny Cycle presented by The Speakeasy Society in Altadena, CAMiss Jezebel’s Tea Party at 60 Out in Los Angeles, CAThe Nest presented by Scout Expedition Company in Los Angeles, CAStory-driven Escape RoomsLab Rat at Hatch Escapes in Los Angeles, CAStash House in Los Angeles, CAEscape Extension Sharks by Escape My Room in New Orleans, LAEscape My Room in New Orleans, LAPuzzle-centric Escape RoomsPalace Games in San Francisco, CAFollow Strange Bird Immersive:Twitter: @strangebirdimmInstagram: @strangebirdimmFacebook: @strangebirdimmersiveBlog: Immersology, an immersive theatre blog by Strange Bird’s Haley ER CooperWatch the podcast here!Youtube ChannelIndividual Game Review PlaylistCheck out our brand new website!Follow us on social media for updates!Twitter: @escexpeditions Facebook: @escexpeditionsInstagram: @escapeexpeditionsBusiness contact: Escapeexpeditionscontact@gmail.comHave a specific game review request? Ask us on twitter or send an email!That catchy jingle uses: Funky (Sting) by Twin MusicomSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/escapeexpeditions)
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