40 minutes | Oct 18, 2019

Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold

Forming in their senior year of high school, Avenged Sevenfold went from teenage garage band to one of the most successful American heavy metal outfits at the turn of the century. Selling an estimated eight million copies across their seven studio albums, the Huntington Beach natives have challenged the traditional genre, fusing aggressive metal, hard rock, and pop punk. In this episode, we speak to guitarist Synyster Gates about the importance of being musically adventurous, which albums were crucial in Avenged Sevenfold’s trajectory, and much more. Mentioned in this episode: Paradigm Skinny Top Heavy Bottom strings: https://ernieb.al/2ExjPJi Synyster Gates School: https://ernieb.al/2MM1MmK Listen to the "Sunny Disposition" solo: https://ernieb.al/2oOctx4 Great Gear Giveaway: ernieb.al/2kQITFe Intro Music: Lightning from a Gun by Eat The Wolf ernieb.al/2kCHJxf Outro Music: The Vacant Shapes
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