40 minutes | Dec 13, 2019

Gretchen Menn

Rapidly gaining praise in the world of instrumental rock and beyond, Gretchen Menn isn’t your average guitar hero on the rise. She once flew regional jets to support her six-string habit and has studied the music of Mozart, Beethoven, Jimmy Page, and more. Menn has been featured on Guitar Player Magazine’s list of ‘50 Sensational Female Guitarists‘ and was nominated by readers of Vintage Guitar Magazine as ‘Artist of the Year’ alongside Steve Vai, Dan Auerbach, Rik Emmet, and Alan Holdsworth. In this episode, we speak to Gretchen about her work with the all-female Led Zeppelin tribute band, Zepparella, hear her perform a couple songs live, and much more. Mentioned in this episode: Gretchen's Ernie Ball strings: https://ernieb.al/2ExjPJi Acoustic Guitar Mag lessons: https://ernieb.al/2RHnDA5 Zepparella learning channel: https://ernieb.al/2ruVilI "When The Levee Break" by Zepparella: https://ernieb.al/38nkECz Daniele Gottardo: https://ernieb.al/2PnnChC Intro Music: Lightning from a Gun by Eat The Wolf ernieb.al/2kCHJxf Outro Music: The Vacant Shapes
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