46 minutes | Feb 21, 2020

Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional

Dashboard Confessional singer-songwriter and guitarist Chris Carrabba became the poster child for early 2000s emo with his simple acoustic melodies and introspective songwriting. Having grown up in the skate community and punk scene of Southern Florida, Carrabba spent most of his early years playing in post-hardcore outfits, including the Vacant Andys and Further Seems Forever. But yearning to pursue something simpler, Dashboard Confessional was born. The side project eventually turned into a full-fledged band that would find itself sitting comfortably on the Billboard charts throughout the rest of the decade. In this episode, we speak to the Dashboard Confessional frontman about the process of writing impactful lyrics, how to win over tough crowds, the moment he realized his music was really gaining traction, and much more. Mentioned in this episode: Ernie Ball strings: https://ernieb.al/regularslinky Ernie Ball Flat Ribbon Patch Cables: https://ernieb.al/flatribbonpatch Intro Music: Lightning from a Gun by Eat The Wolf ernieb.al/2kCHJxf Outro Music: The Vacant Shapes
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