47 minutes | Nov 15th 2019

Best Coast

After stepping away from her childhood acting career, vocalist Bethany Cosentino began writing and experimenting with music in her teens. She joined forces with multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno in early 2009, and by the end of the year, the two were preparing for their official debut as Best Coast. The Los Angeles based duo has since released four full-length records and has garnered a dedicated following within the indie and surf rock scene. In this episode, we speak to Cosentino and Bruno about their unique partnership and collaborative process, Best Coast’s forthcoming record, and much more. Mentioned in this episode: Strings used by Bobb and Bethany: http://ernieb.al/2p7J27u https://ernieb.al/2KmGKNG https://ernieb.al/2z4MDXA New Slinkys: https://ernieb.al/2l9fOkQ Intro Music: Lightning from a Gun by Eat The Wolf ernieb.al/2kCHJxf Outro Music: The Vacant Shapes
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