41 minutes | May 19th 2020

GOLD STREET | Jewels Jaselle - Voiceover (Pt2)

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Eric Michael Cap continues his talk with Voiceover Actress/Coach Jewels Jaselle re all-things Voice Over.

Watch YouTube Channel Podcast Video here: https://youtu.be/0aO2EJdbqXU

In this Episode You'll Learn:

Real-World Challenges Finding Work, Agents & Clients

How to go from Demo to Auditions to Booking Paid Jobs

Finding Your "Voice" Niche with the help of VO Industry Pro's

Studying & Practicing Voice "Styles" + Demo Advice

The Pro's & Con's of the Online Casting Marketplace

How to Brand + Market Yourself & Your Services

VO Rates, Production Quality & Client Experience

Professionals vs. Amateurs (You Get What You Pay For)

VO Studio Gear - Microphones & Audio Interfaces

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Self-Doubt & Discouragement

Jewel's Favorite Motto's: "Submit & Forget", "Hurry Up & Wait"

Why you should always keep Auditioning & Submitting

Real-World Stories of Perseverance & Success

Jewels Coaching Workshops & Online Casting Services

How to Contact Jewels for Bookings &/or to Learn More

* Check back next week for a new Episode on Productivity for Creatives *

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