9 minutes | May 27, 2020

Introducing: Generation Why

In this preview, The Generation Why Podcast revisits the case of Holly Bobo. In 2011, 20-year-old Holly Bobo was about to leave her house to take an exam to complete her nursing degree when her neighbors heard a scream. Her brother looked outside and thought she was arguing with her boyfriend. After speaking with his mother, he learned that her boyfriend is out of town and that the man with her is a stranger. By the time Clint Bobo understood the danger she was in, it was too late. She and the strange man disappeared into the woods, and Holly Bobo would never be seen alive again. Generation Why hosts Justin and Aaron first discussed this case in 2016, and since then, Zach Adams was convicted for the kidnapping and murder of Holly.Check out new episodes of The Generation Why Podcast at wondery.fm/devil_genwhy
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