62 minutes | Nov 11th 2016

Episode 27: Illo

Luca and Ilenia are the founders of Illo, a studio based in Turin, Italy.  During our conversation, we discussed their self-driving video bot named Algo, how Illo was formed and how they’ve crafted a unique office culture.  



Website- http://illo.tv

Twitter- https://twitter.com/illotv

Vimeo- https://vimeo.com/illo  

Algo- algo.illo.tv



-How they met

-Studied communications

-Focused learning on start-ups

-Started in a small apartment

-Hired one person to learn animation

-Computer coding


-Producing 100 videos in a weekend

-Hiring someone good with expressions for Algo

-The future of Algo

-Growing their company

-3 persons per year on average

-Creating a good and unique working culture

-Every two weeks they change their desks

-Ideation process

-Swedish brainstorming sessions

-Delegating & working as a team

-Good & great projects

-Future of their work

-Working with start-ups allowed them to try lots of new things

-Get started tips

-Learning how to lead creatives

-Dream Client: Fashion brand

-Favorite Animated Movie: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

-What does your family think you do: videos

-Animalator: French Bulldog

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