51 minutes | Apr 7th 2014

Episode 005: TESOL Recap & Review

The Minimal Pair: Episode 005
Show Notes: The Minimal Pair Title: TESOL Recap & ReviewEpisode no: 5Date: 4/6/14
Introduction: Overview of our trip to Portland and our experience at TESOL 2014
Shared highlight:Congrats to Amy Roither, our colleague from St. Louis Community College, who gave a stellar presentation on student-created podcastsThursday 3/27, 11:30—Hear Me Now! Improving Academic Skills with Student-Created Podcasts (Amy Roither)
Stephanie’s highlights:Thursday 3/27, 10:30am—Mentor Text2: Scaffolding Reading Instruction for Community College ESL (Dr. Sarina C. Molina)Thursday 3/27, 1:00pm—Flipping the ESL Classroom: Promoting Student Interaction, Engagement, & Learning (Danielle Petersen, Caitlin Hamstra, Alisha Fisher)Thursday 3/27, 4pm—“Reading to Write” to Sustain University-Level Writing”(Lori Giles and Kimberly McGrath Moreira)Thursday 3/27, 3:00pm—Teaching Spoken English: Content and Methodology(John Campbell-Larsen)Saturday 3/29, 11:30am—Using Twitter, Storytelling, and Screencasting Apps to Reimagine Your Classroom etc. (Abby Porter and Nathan Soelberg)Meeting Jennifer ESLJean’s highlights:Thursday 3/27, 10:30am—Inquiry-Based ESL Grammar (Darrin Divers)Thursday 3/27, 2:00pm—Fostering Presentation Competence: Instituting a Comprehensive Presentation Curriculum (Kaitlin Gram and Elizabeth Gould)Thursday 3/27, 3:00pm—Second Language Writing Assessment—Exploring the Future (Sarah Snyder and Deborah Crusan)Friday 3/28, 10:30am—Students as Teachers: Exploring Peer-to-Peer Teaching (Rosie Verratti and Nancy Hutchison)
Friday 3/28, 4:00pm—Book Clubs in the Classroom: Developing a Culture of Literacy (Heather Satrom, Sadi Sahbazian, and Jona Colson)