32 minutes | Apr 17, 2021

Episode 90: Cheezus

This episode of THE Underground Source of El Paso, TX features Javier Martinez and Jorge Morales - co-owners of Cheezus - El Paso's house of exotic grilled cheese sandwiches! They talk about starting Cheezus and evolving the biz from a popular food truck and pop up to a cool spot in downtown on 210 N. Stanton. You'll have intense Cheezus cravings once this interview is over!  Follow Cheezus on Instagram - @cheezus_915 - This episode produced by M. De Santiago, R. 'Sucio' Chacon and G. Armendariz. Hosted by R. 'Sucio' Chacon. Intro/outro music by J. 'DreamPill' Castro. Cover photograph is the Cheezus god mural found inside Cheezus! Rated CHLL.
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