38 minutes | Jun 10, 2021

ECN 004 -Entrepreneurship Opportunities in a Changing Environment With Angel Ribo "The CEO Confidant"

In this episode of Environmentally Concerned Nation,  Angel Ribo "The CEO Confidant" and I discuss the opportunities that are out there for entrepreneurs just like you in light of the environmental crisis that we are facing. So, if you want to take advantage of these opportunities; we not only give you examples to start right now but we give you the mindset blueprint that you must possess to conquer your future entrepreneurship goals right now! So please, tune in, and do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to this podcast.Angel Ribo " The CEO CONFIDANT is;a very successful entrepreneura philanthropista LinkedIn consultantan amazing motivator a worldwide public speaker that speaks 5 languagesFind more about Angel Ribo on LinkedIn.
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