34 minutes | Jun 3, 2021

ECN 002 -Beyond Carbon Neutral with Dr. Sam Goodman

In this episode of Environmentally Concerned Nation,  Dr. Samuel Goodman and I discuss his best-selling book, Beyond Carbon Neutral.  It is a compelling book that claims to have the answers to the climate crisis. So, if you want to know what needs to happen to put an end to the environmental crisis, learn about the sacrifices that we must make before it is too late, and get first-hand information on the real threat from a reliable source so you can do your part for the sake of our children and future generations to come, tune in, and do not forget to subscribe to this podcast.Dr. Samuel Goodman is;an Eagle scouta chemical engineera Ph.D. in chemical engineeringa best-selling authorBuy Beyond Carbon Neutral on Amazon!Find more about Dr. Goodman on LinkedIn.
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