54 minutes | Jan 20th 2021

#94: Running a Cannabis Supplements Business with Nic Hewitt

"You’re stronger than you think you are." – Nic Hewitt

Nic Hewitt (@nicwestlakeshemp) is a co-founder of lakelandcbd.co.uk:  A company selling cannabis food supplements in the form of capsules, oil, and creams.

Nic, who was diagnosed with Bipolar Type II in her teens and Borderline Personality Disorder in her twenties, was left devastated when Storm Desmond wrecked her life in 2015, leaving her homeless and jobless. On the brink of suicide, her life around thanks to CBD: A cannabis food supplement introduced to the UK in 2016. Almost five years on, Nic is now running a successful business with her longstanding school friend.

In our wide-ranging conversation, we discuss some of the potential effects of CBD on the body; first steps of starting a CBD business; adding a human touch to stand out from the competition; opening a physical store, and so much more!

You can find Nic at the following:

Key Points:

The origin story (4:50)

Potential effects of CBD on the body (11:11)

The stigma and discrimination (13:22)

Coming forward and the narrative we need to create (18:24)

First steps of starting a CBD business and adding a human touch to stand out from the competition (25:20)

Opening a physical store (31:30)

A hub for health, well being and innovation (34:26)

Product development (40:06)

Nic’s 5-year plan and her end goal (43:59)

"You’re stronger than you think you are." – Nic Hewitt (50:39)


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