26 minutes | Sep 15, 2020

3 Simple Ways to Help Your Online Business Stand Out

The world of digital means it is no longer necessary for businesses to have a brick and mortar store to start trading, pleasing customers, and generating profits. However, it is important to remember that even though starting an online business is relatively straightforward, you will still be competing against big brand names and other enterprises with an already-established online presence.  Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels So, how can you go about making your ecommerce business stand out among the crowd? Here are some tips.  Identify your USPs and market them to the max  USPs (unique selling points) of your products are what will help to get your business plenty of attention, just as long as you know how to market them. For example, perhaps your online business specializes in the sale of shoes, but what makes your shoes stand out is that they are all handmade. Or perhaps they are specifically designed for people with broader feet? Use all sorts of platforms and tools to alert your target audience to these facts and lead them to your website.  You may want to explore: Google Ads Social media marketing (on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter) Remarketing Display/banner advertising  Streamline user experience  Ultimately, no matter how revolutionary your products are, if your customers cannot easily navigate your website and pay for their purchase, they are going to look to your competitors for a better experience. Therefore, streamlining your user experience in every way possible should be a top priority right from the start.  One of the most vital aspects of the consumer user experience is to ensure that it is safe and easy for them to make payments upon commencing the checkout process. The right checkout and payment solution will: Be responsive and effortlessly adapt to the specific device being used to browse and shop online — from laptops and desktops to tablets and mobiles.  Accelerate conversions. The minute your customer hits that ‘checkout’ button, every subsequent action, redirect, etc. needs to quick and efficient. The faster the process, the lower the risk of the customer having second thoughts and abandoning their cart before making payment.  Allow customers to choose from a wide variety of payment methods, including credit card, digital wallet, EFT, and more.  A perfect example of a checkout and payment solution that does all of this is Shopify Checkout.  Leverage social media  Along with offering ecommerce entrepreneurs a host of marketing opportunities, social media also provides the chance to forge genuine connections with your customers, as well as your potential customers. Be sure to use these platforms to engage with your followers, ask for their feedback, and work hard towards securing their loyalty.  As mentioned above, it is indeed worthwhile embracing paid advertising, but the great news is that there are many other ways to promote your business organically. From running competitions to offering exclusive discounts to first responders, the options are practically endless.  Now that you know how to make your ecommerce store stand out, you can take action to ensure happier customers and a more attractive bottom line. Good luck!  The post 3 Simple Ways to Help Your Online Business Stand Out appeared first on Enterprise Podcast Network - EPN.
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