27 minutes | Aug 17, 2017

5: Promote Your Podcast With Facebook Ads

In this episode, Charles shares how he has used Facebook ads to launch 3 different brand new podcasts and how he started building the podcasts audiences.   He talks about how he built an audience for the podcast with a $10-$30 daily budget.    He shares why it is important to release multiple podcasts episodes initially.    He talks about the value of posting each podcast episode on your Facebook and how boosting a post can help you create engagement and get people talking about your podcast.   He talks about how to start thinking about who your audience is.   How to start researching and then building your audience for the podcast.    Charles discusses ways to reach people who may be interested in your podcast, but have never heard of your podcast show.   He talks about ways to leverage your current assets to promote your podcast with Facebook ads.    In addition, Charles talks about the power of look-a-like audiences and how to create them.    Plus, learn how to use Facebook Custom Audiences to promote each individual podcast episode.   Charles shares the one strategy that you should implement when promoting your podcast.    Finally, Charles reveals the two specific types of Facebook ads that he uses to promote a podcast.  
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